Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my little miracle-just wanted to share it

So as you all know we went home to California for Thanksgiving and had a really nice time except for a couple of hiccups along the way. When we went to the quaint town of Cameno where the famous Apple Hill is our car was broken into and my purse was stolen. In my purse were some pretty important things (to me). I cancelled all my credit/bank cards and set up new accounts with my banks. I was really disappointed and felt a little violated. When I asked the policewoman taking the report what the chances were of me ever seeing my purse again she said, "one in a million." The night it was stolen Matthew said the nightly prayers with the kids and to my surprise asked for my purse to be returned. I also offered some quiet prayers, although I felt a little guilty taking up his time with such menial matters. We left California and came home and I all but forgot about my purse, assuming that is was gone forever. To my surprise I received a phone call Sunday from a women in Lake Tahoe telling me that she was out on a walk with her dog, while visiting family in Cameno and found my purse in a ditch and she told me she was going to send it to me right away. I know you are all thinking what's the big deal..it's just a purse...Yeah I know it is just a purse, but it's the Lord who cared about my purse and it just feels so good to know he cares about us, every part about our lives....he can divide the red sea and find and return a stolen purse. He hears our prayers, even the quiet ones....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sacramento Temple-Shelley and Jason's special day

The Sacramento Temple is Beautiful! It is really funny to think that it is the same location where we all (nor cal kids) used to get down on the dance floor. The good ole' mormon center dances.

Shelley and Jason had an amazing couple of days! Their temple sealing to each other and their kis was an sacred experience and I feel honored that I got to shar it with them. Little Mason was so cute when he came into the room all dressed in white! What a little stud.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What is this place? well, it's AGGIE VILLAGE

This is the place Matt and I refer to as the good ole' days. This is where our Logan adventure all started. Some of you have heard me refer to the Aggie village days...well this is it. It is a cindarblock 500 sq foot apartment, where we moved in the middle of winter from our warm California home.(side note: I remember moving in in the middle of a snow storm. Some really cute neighbors helped us as we ran from the moving van to the apartment. My brother Jeff came to help and it took him four hours to get home through the snow storm) This is where we brought Eliza home from the hospital and where we met some of our dearest friends. The apartments behind Matt's car were for the rich kids..namely the "brossards". I love the aggie village days. I even cried when we moved. Can you imagine crying while leaving a tiny little apartment with cinderblock walls? Well let's just say I get attached...


Muy Bonita!!

I love this time of year. Don't you?
Isn't this place amazing?
Sunday was
Conference, so in between sessions we went for a drive and picnic up the canyon. This time of year is beautiful....the mountains turn yellow, red, and orange and it smells like fall. If you don't know what that smells like just take a trip to visit us in October.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

just a great sunday activity

Just hangin around on Sunday...

Half Marathon Yippee

We trained and we trained and finally we ran the race...What a great experience!! We could have called ourselves the night riders or mom's on a mission...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Midway Campout-the Jones reunion 2008 What's the catch of the day??

Matthew and Grandpa Jones took all the kids fishing.
Carson, Ethan, and Eliza all caught several fish each.
They were rainbow trout, which Grandma Jones
cooked up and the kids said they were mighty tasty.
Fishing was definitely one of the highlights for the kids
on our camping trip. They were sooooo proud!!